New NJ COVID-19 Symptom Check Requirement for Faculty, Staff and Researchers

Monday, Nov 9, 2020

As of Nov. 9, staff, faculty and researchers must complete a Daily Symptom Check online or by a paper form each day they are scheduled or plan to work in any University building or worksite, including those located on and off campus. This follows a new requirement issued by the state of New Jersey. The following email from Human Resources and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty provides more information. 

Due to a new requirement issued by the State of New Jersey, all faculty, researchers, and staff must complete a Daily Symptom Check each day they are scheduled or plan to come to work in any University building or worksite, including those on and off campus.

This new executive order, EO 192 Protect New Jersey’s Workforce, provides rules for businesses, including educational institutions, to protect employees who are physically present in the worksite, regardless of role or position. The executive order requires daily health checks of such employees prior to coming to work.

Effective immediately, all faculty, researchers, and staff, who are not already required to do so, must use the Daily Symptom Check before coming to work for any amount of time, whether a quick visit to retrieve files or a full work day. Coming to campus and entering any University building represents the employees’ honest confirmation that the individual is symptom free as defined by the Daily Symptom Check. The web-based form is available on the TigerSafe app or can be accessed directly at If you do not have regular access to the internet, you may print paper copies or obtain a supply from your manager.

Web-Based Form

After answering the health questions in the Daily Symptom Check, individuals will receive their daily results indicating that they are permitted to come to work on site denoted by a green checkmark or must stay home for the day denoted by a red X. If they are advised to stay home that day, they are expected to follow their departmental procedures to report their absence. Individuals should then continue to complete the Daily Symptom Check every day they are scheduled to come to work on site unless they report their more extended illness or absence in accordance with departmental procedures.

The app offers an option for individuals to share the results with their managers or a designate by email. Managers may ask people to use this notification option. The email notification includes the results of whether the individual may report to work or must stay at home; it does not share the individual’s answers to the questions about symptoms due to privacy concerns.

Paper Form

A copy of the paper form is available on the EHS website for employees without internet access. Employees may print the forms or obtain a supply from their managers to take home.  

Individuals completing the paper form whose results permit them to come to work should bring the form with them. Managers will decide how best to manage the paper forms within your department.

Individuals completing the form whose results advise them not to come to work should keep the form with them and follow whatever procedures are in place for reporting an absence. They should not give the completed form to their supervisors or designees due to privacy concerns about health-related information they need not share.

Absence Management

Employees who are advised not to come to campus may still be able to work from home. If they are unable to work remotely, they may utilize available COVID-19 days or other paid time off, including sick, vacation, personal days, and/or bundled time.


It is important that employees do not come to work when ill or displaying COVID-19 symptoms. This will help keep Princeton healthy. 

Additionally, it is imperative that all employees immediately update their contact information with preferably a current cell and/or home phone number by logging in to HR Self Service, clicking on the Personal Information tile, and selecting Contact Details from the left-hand column. This will ensure that in this era of COVID-19, individuals can be contacted expeditiously by Global and Community Health should they be identified as a close contact to a coworker who tests positive for COVID-19 or if they themselves test positive in the University’s asymptomatic testing program.

If you have questions about the Daily Symptom Check webform, contact Office of Environmental Health and Safety at For questions about managing absences, contact HR at or the Office of the Dean of the Faculty at


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